Press release IDEALworks GmbH — 11/20/2020

— For German translation please see below. Untenstehend finden Sie deutsche Version der Pressemitteilung.

IDEALworks GmbH develops and distributes autonomous logistics robots and their corresponding cloud-based management platform.

Next generation to be launched end of 2020.

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Munich. Mid-November marks the official start of business for IDEALworks GmbH. The fully-owned BMW Group subsidiary, headquartered in Munich, will operate in new business segments as a provider of innovative logistics robotics and their corresponding cloud-based management platform. The aim is to become a leading supplier of autonomous robotics solutions in the logistics sector. …

by the idealworks Operations Team

In times of pandemic it becomes clear how important globalization and worldwide logistics are for companies. Despite all this, we want to think proactively into the future and further advance logistics. Today’s article therefore focuses on our two-week pilot at Syncreon. The question you might ask is, what is a pilot? Before we sell our iw.hubs to companies, we first use two devices as a pilot project to test the usecase and see how the iw.hubs can be integrated into the company’s processes. In the middle of this year, we successfully deployed such a pilot…

by the idealworks Operations Team

Intralogistics is omnipresent in the automotive industry and is often an enormous cost driver as well as being a complicated process. Here a sensibly applied automation can relieve the employees and minimize or streamline the traffic in the halls. The BMW Group plant in Munich is also currently in the middle of a transformation process in logistics. Our iw.hubs are already being used in the seat production at the plant, and we have talked to Mr. Handke, an employee in the seat production. Mr. Handke is 38 years old and has been working for BMW…

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