Robot Leasing: idealworks and Alphabet Make AMRs More Accessible

Leveling the playing field: at idealworks, we know of companies’ growing interest in automating their business processes, as the benefits of using autonomous mobile robots directly impact their ability to compete. In collaboration with Alphabet, BMW Group’s fleet management subsidiary, we now offer customers the option to lease our AMR iw.hub.

As an attractive and state-of-the-art solution to combat ongoing labor shortages and rising costs, the use of robots is taken into consideration by many companies all over the world. In times of a pandemic, one of the major perks of our leasing program is that we make AMRs even more accessible to manufacturers of any size, especially those facing operational and economic challenges.

Lowering the barriers to entry: Alphabet’s and idealworks’ leasing program offers customers the option to lease the iw.hub.

By offering to lease our iw.hub, we enable relevant businesses to rapidly deploy the AMR with minimal capital expenditure — allowing customers to immediately capitalize on the benefits of automation. But does leasing warrant the hype?

a) Minimal Upfront Costs

The monthly fee of the leasing depends on the total length of the leasing period, e.g. amounting to EUR 1,379 a month during a 36-month leasing contract. Lease lengths vary between two, three, four, or even 4.5 years and can be chosen depending on what fits the customer’s needs best.

b) Short Implementation Period

c) Testing & Scaling as Needed

What’s more? If companies are rather unexperienced when it comes to the use of autonomous mobile robots in intralogistics, our leasing program gives them the opportunity to test AMRs for the first time through the deployment of our intelligent and robust w.hub.

d) Upskilling the Workforce

e) Is This the End?

Lease and test our iw.hub now!

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